Reducing Cardboard Sleeve Waste

It’s estimated that 14 billion cups of coffee are served every year wrapped in a single-use, cardboard coffee sleeve, which adds up to 2.8 billion pounds of trash. With coffee consumption increasing significantly over the past several years, this is an increasing problem. Coffee shops have tried to increase their use of recycled paper in making disposable coffee sleeves but there is only real one solution to this problem, reusable coffee sleeves. Goals For This Initiative / Campaign

Goal: To stop coffee shops and coffee drinkers from using cardboard coffee sleeves by offering reusable coffee sleeves as an alternative. Initiatives include purchasing reusable coffee sleeves and handing them out in front of coffee shops and public places, contacting coffee shops regarding offering reusable coffee sleeves for purchase.

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Purchased 20 Cup Kozys to handout to coffee drinkers outside of coffee shops and other establishments.
1/15/2011 12:00:00 AM

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View Handing Out Cup Kozys
Photo handing out Cup Kozys (reusable coffee sleeves) outside of Dunkin' Donuts.